Monday, July 11, 2011

Singapore - Evolution of a Planned City

Cities always begin somewhere. Sometimes they begin with a plan, sometimes the plan is imposed after the fact. Paris may be thousands of years old, but we can't seem to dislodge our understanding of Paris from the boulevards and axes planned by Baron Haussmann. Nor can we separate New York's ubiquitous street blocks from the Commissioner's Plan of 1811. The following images give a brief glimpse of Singapore's planning trajectory beginning with the Raffles Town Plan of 1822, giving us a sense of how this city came to be. RL

1822 Town Plan, Singapore

1842 survey map

1963 Ring City proposal by UNDP team led by Otto Koenigsberger

1971 Singapore's First Concept Plan (adapted
from Koenigsberger's 1963 Ring City proposal)

2003 Concept Plan


  1. Hello Ronald! Very interesting post, it's lovely seeing the evolution of the city of Singapore in such a visual way. May I ask where you found those maps? I would like to research this a bit more. Thanks a lot!

  2. erm.. National Archives, URA and a variety of sources which I can't remember. (Probably various print publications).

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